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De 03 a 05 Julho de 2016

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The discovery of chlorpromazine and imipramine in the 1950s was an innovation which brought pharmacotherapy into treatment for psychiatric disorders. The International College of Neuropsychopharmacology (CINP) was established in 1957 by European scientists who discovered them, and for almost 60 years since then, CINP has been the most traditional and historic international society leading clinical research and drug development for treatment of psychiatric disorders. 
The prominent researchers are listed as the successive Presidents of CINP, such as Delay and Deniker who discovered chlorpromazine, Janssen who was the discoverer of haloperidol, Carlsson, Novel Prize Winner, and Kielholz, a famous scientist of antidepressant treatment. I have been appointed as the 29th President and the first President from Asian region, and now, together with Prof. Jun Soo Kwon, Chair of the Local Organizing Committee, I am delighted to host the memorial 30th World Congress from 3rd - 5th July, 2016 in Seoul, Korea 
The International Scientific Programme Committee (ISPC) chaired by Prof. Siegfried Kasper have selected six Plenary Speakers of the outstanding researchers in the current hot field of clinical and basic research. We received more than 120 symposia proposals, and, after impartial and careful review at the ISPC meeting, 27 very attractive Symposia were accepted. We also decided to have five Clinical Perspective Sessions covering the topics of Bipolar, Anxiety, Depression, Addiction and Schizophrenia as part of the education programme. Furthermore, based on discussions over three CINP Innovation Summit meetings, a CINP Summit Symposium will take place on “Public Private Partnerships for innovation in psychotropic drug development”. We are confident that the ISPC has developed an attractive programme which will interest researchers and clinicians worldwide. 
We encourage and welcome you to submit a poster, apply for an award and register for the Congress, all of which can be done easily via the congress web site We look forward to welcoming you to the historical, beautiful and cultural Asian city of Seoul in July 2016. 

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